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Sunday, May 24, 2009
lol :D
its me again !
just wanna ask if the chalet still on mar ? o.O
19~21june :P
btw, the MARCUS said he confirm will have the chalet on-ed.
so we shall see...


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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


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Thursday, January 1, 2009
Happy New Year Everyone!

Wishing everyone a blessed new year ahead!

All the best in your respective classes :D

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Sunday, November 9, 2008
Hey all!

how's the holidays going eh?
hope it's going smoothly for you people.

time flies huh, it's reaching the 3rd week of the holidays soon.

anyway, came here to post the details about the 11th november outing.

Venue to meet ; Bukit Batok MRT
Time to meet ; 8.30-8.45am

(We'll wait for everyone, don't worry, just tell someone beforehand if you're late or something)

We'll be deciding what to do from there alright?
In case anyone want to have breakfast or something.
We'll go vivocity to have breakfast there if you people want,
and then straight to Sentosa to have our outing there.

do bring enough cash with ya, since it's si-beh expensive there.

anyone care to bring whatever you wanna play then?
some of us are bringing a volleyball and stuff, so yeah.
if there's any suggestions or anything else, discuss in the class tagboard (:

enjoy the days people! :D
all the best for the streaming results tomorrow!

P/S : there are people that wanna organise a BBQ during the december holidays, probably mid-december. any ideas, any suggestions, or volunteers to help out in the planning and buying of stuff, do tell us. we'll update about it after the sentosa outing.

have fun on the 11th of November!

-nabil (:

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Saturday, October 18, 2008
pictures of our trip to east coast. =)

while waiting for the train..

still waiting.. (well, it finally came though, after a long wait)

our three lovely ladys- sherlyn, joyce and sihan!=)

jianting in pain, i forgot why. hahaha. he just looks absolutely funny. =p

the pretty sea. takes time to appreciate beauty like this.

playing by the sea.

our pretty ladies enjoying mac.

well, that's kind of it.
not lots of pictures taken and sadly, we didn't manage to take a group pic with the many people who went together. =(

anyway, we are left with 4 days together.
treasure it yeah.
it's gonna be real sad on thursday.

good job for the HOM puppets for love!
it was a good class effort.
glad to see the support we got from our class!

remember to do your subject selection before tomorrow!
by 5pm.

have a good weekend,
smile. =)

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Friday, October 3, 2008
WOO! it's our..
135th post!
didn't realise that we've posted so much!

anyway, nabil said that suhaimi suggested we go cycling on monday since there's no school!
janice suggested meeting at bukit batok mrt at 11am.

can can can?

haha, yaye another class gathering, this time everyone must cycle to the jetty together yeah!

have a good time celebrating and enjoy yourselves!

reminder for wednesday;

activities : Singapore Discovery Centre
Live performance of local bands
attire : PE/class tee, school shorts, shoes and socks.
bring : waterbottle and wirting materials

can we all wear our green class tee together? it's been a long time since we've worn it!

okay, take care everyone and hope to see you all on monday!
will post an update of the chalet thing soon.

sara-ann. =)

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Saturday, September 27, 2008
Hey peopleeeeeeeee .
how's the revision going? jiayou yeah !

anyway, would wanna post about the chalet we're having over the school holidays.

please do not criticise the idea and complain about our class not being united.
this is a chalet meant for those who just want to bond and have fun together over a span of 3 days and 2 nights.

those who feel that it's useless having the chalet because our class is not united, it's okay if you want to say about it, because I certainly would agree with you, depending on what are you going to say, that is.
so yeah. those who can only take a seat and complain about it, just tell us you do not want to come, we get the idea. it's simple communication.

but those who want to have fun and bond with people from our class who we refer as CLASSMATES, please give the names to those who you know that are organising it, and if you feel that only "those" group of people are organising, do help out in organising as well! that way, you too can play a part about it yeah, so there's no reason for you to complain, we're not stopping anyone from lending a helping hand.
we're a class, and we desperately need to bond. I do not wish to elaborate about that part. hurhur.

we're trying to make it as fun as possible, with having a BBQ and all the other stuff. and hey, chalet's all about having fun, we do not need people who only can rant about it. we need people that appreciate each other for being together for 2 years, and just wanna have fun! basically that's it.

I know some of you dislike/hate/against me. this is nabil btw (: but, you're spending the chalet with your friends you made over the 2 years in the same class. so yeah. hopefully you people would be able to make it.

We're most probably having it at ;


probably thinking of 3-5november / 7-9november.
if we have it on the 7-9nov, we would be mostlikely meeting e2 peeps there too, cos they're having it on the same day also.


well, my advice to you is, save as much money as you can ! not saying it's costly but.. do bring enough money for your entertainment. it's once in a year. think about it. it's worth the money spent. better still, if you guys went for chalets before, then you'll know what I mean.

payment for the chalet will be confirmed again once we get the number of people coming, cos we will be looking at how many people are coming, then we will know how big the chalet room we need to book.


alright, I admit that this idea sounds sloppy, but we would be focusing on it after our exams yeah. so.. all the best for the remaining papeerrrs ! I'll be most likely faring badly in maths (as usual), but hopefully you guys get what you guys aim for yeah!

so.. yeah. give the names to Sara or anyone you think that is also helping out, OR you guys can decide together and then give the names to her or me(nabil).

those who are reading this, do spread the info to those who don't visit this blog ! by sms or whateverrrr.

hopefully all goes well for your exams! takecare peeps. e
njoy revising over the weekend :D


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Saturday, September 20, 2008
hello everyone!
it's the weekend, study hard yeah?
anyway, just a reminder ;

tuesday- english paper 1 and paper 2
wednesday- literature
thursday- geography.
friday- mother tongue paper 1 and paper 2

so study as much as you can and read as much as you can!

exactly 30 days left together with each other.
like what mdm shi said during chinese lesson to those who were around,
if right now we aren't united at all, how can we still call ourselves a class?
please don't fight anymore, everyone has different opinions,
but instead of fighting, can we just share it out loud?
at least we can hear what we think.
we're 2e3, not just any other class,
and 2e3 WAS united once, remember?
so i'm sure we'll make it there again.
just that it's a class effort.
so put in that little bit of effort, control yourself, for the class, okay?

OHANA means family.
FAMILY means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten.

that's why we chose this class motto in the first place.

if you people would want to live up to this motto,
treat each other as classmates, as there is very little time now.
believe me, it would be very very very soon.

2 weeks of exams, and then, post-exam activity stuff, and a week?
then done. we're ending the year off with a seperated class.
would you guys want that?
I don't.

I don't know too, whether there are people that bother to come here to check the on-goings and stuff in this blog, but please. those who visits the classblog every-now-and-then, please spread this message to the whole class.

we do not want to leave as one seperated class.
would you guys like to see other classes, becoming more united, while us,
are becoming much more drifted away from each other?

do not push the blame to different people.
EVERYONE, and I mean, EVERYONE, play a part in making this class united.
we may be happy with our fellow friends / cliques / whatever.
but do remember, we are a class, and if we're not a class since last year.
you guys wouldn't be able to build friendships this strong
with your fellow friends that are in this class.

cheers, jiayou, study hard everyone. =)
all the best in everything people ! :D

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Friday, September 12, 2008
hey everyone!
haha, this blog's kinda dead, so decided to post up some pictures taken over the weeks.

enjoy. =)

joseph holding thhe invention for egg-drop competition!

representatives on the second floor, getting ready to drop their eggs. hahaha.

the rest of the crew! and some extra people. =p

janice, concentrating on sewing her sock puppet for HOM.

that's hazim! rockin' away like a rock star. hah.

and lastly, joseph yeo jie posing for his picture. =)

anyway, SA2 will be here in 11 days.
jiayou everyone!
get it over and done with then we can all play.
study hard!
2e3 is the best.

please remember to get your recipes done by monday!

weekend homework;
physics revision worksheet
math worksheets
get money to pay for The Straits Times
art- "Pop Art"
research, developments and final artwork all by next week.
better to start early on preparations for Art SA2 paper
chinese- zuo wen


cheers everyone, have a good weekend. =)

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Saturday, August 16, 2008
finally, common test 2 is over.
we can all take a break.
anyway, please remember to do art yeah!

i've just realised that we have only about..
3 months left together in 2e3..
so.. treasure all the time we have in school and make the best of it okay.

it's gonna be very sad when we have to say goodbye.

well, save all your photos and we shall put them together and make 2e3'o8's album another day.
meanwhile, takecare everyone.
have a good weekend. =)

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Thursday, August 7, 2008
2e3'08!!love it!
last history lesson!!!
DNT!!hahaha,,mr low!^^
its best friends forever^^

haha people!!the blog so dead de!!!keep it alive lei!!wanna say good luck to all NDP performers!!haha...this sat's the big day,,jia you jia you!!i shall post some of the old pics i have^^ enjoy,,and if any is inverted,,im sorry!!


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Thursday, July 31, 2008
take note of next week's upcoming

monday; 4 august'o8
geography test
map skills ( whole of book 1B)

Home Economics test
unit 1-4 (i think)

wednesday; 6 august'o8
math test
simultaneous equations, chapter 6, 8, 9.

friday; 8 august'o8
physics test
chapter 17.1-17.3

study hard, 2e3!! =)
jiayou jiayou! ^^

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Thursday, July 24, 2008


since our class blog's rather dead, decided to make a short post.

we've really missed you lots since you weren't in school.
hahaha. it's great having you back in school!

anyway, will upload the pictures taken today on the geography field trip soon. =)
seeya all in school tomorrow! =)

'sara-ann =)

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

haha,yuhui here,my second time posting on this blog =/ heres a pic taken in my house after the BBQ..

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Monday, June 16, 2008

hello !
some photos from ytd's BBQ :D

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
hey everyone!
how's the holidays going?
i miss having lessons with 2e3.
all the fun and laughter.
*good times*

as what the message passed says,
please be reminded that there will be NDP rehearsal tomorrow at 1.30pm.
and wear class tee!
have a good rest today and have a good time tomorrow.
i won't be there. =DD
so someone update on how it went!
can go guess what you all having for dinner tomorrow.
i think there's a good chance that it'll be.. KFC!
or pizza hut again.
i don't know.
but i'm sure it'll be fun tomorrow,
so jiayou! =)

and this is from nabil ;


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Monday, May 26, 2008
hello 2e3! :D

ms marinda ;
- 4 journal entries
- 2 book reviews + photocopied book cover

mdm kitha ;
- 5 newspaper articles
- 2 book reviews

ms lim ;
- log in ace-learning & print out paper 1 + paper 2.

umn, this is all i know of the homework,
so yeah, any other, add in yah? :D
okay, take care 2e3 & have loads of fun during the holis! (:

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Friday, May 23, 2008

here are the pictures of our class gathering!

enjoy! =)

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Friday, May 16, 2008

just thought i would post the photo we took.

thank you to sherlyn for the photo!

enjoy =DD

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Monday, May 12, 2008
hey everyone!

here are the links to e-learning stuffs,
in case some of you don't know.


jiayou with the load of homework!

have fun! =)

seeyou all tomorrow under the hot, hot, sun!

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